Sweetie Ferris Wheel

It's a cliche, but Love is sweet! so why not treat your guests to some sweet treats at your wedding. Our Sweetie Ferris wheel really stands out from the crowd, and is a modern twist on the traditional candy cart. It is a fantastic centrepiece and comes stocked with a 10kg selection of sweets ! The wheel itself stands at 3ft tall and 3ft wide, with 8 swinging compartments made from food grade plastic. The price includes delivery, set up at your venue, and collection. It also includes a chalk board easel for a quirky message to your guests, sweetie bags, serving tongs and scoops, and garlands to decorate the table.

Sweetie Ferris wheel

The Freshest sweets...


On delivery and set up of the Sweetie Ferris wheel we will leave  any unwrapped sweets in sealed containers, to be emptied into the wheel once you and your guests arrive. This ensure you and your guests are only eating the freshest sweets.We advise that any leftover sweets at the end of your evening are put back into the tubs supplied, and you can take any that you would like to keep. Any remaining sweets left either on the ferris wheel or in the tubs on collection will be disposed of.

Hygiene Certificate...


Hygiene is a priority for our Sweetie Ferris Wheel, so we have a Level 2 Food Safety and Hygiene certificate, and make sure all cleanliness and hygeine related procedures are followed.




We hold full public liability insurance which we will be more than happy to forward to your venue is required.

Price : Unstocked £50

           Stocked with 10kg of pic'n'mix favourites £125