Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated, all goods supplied are on a hire basis only and title remains with Decoris Weddings. Hereafter known as the Hiree.

The Hirer is the person named on the booking form. The Hirer takes full responsibility for the goods under these terms and conditions.


HIRE CHARGES – PERIOD OF HIRE: The hire charge for the products commences from the time that we dress the venue, and continues until the equipment is collected.


MINIMUM SPEND: For events held more than 20 miles away from Decoris Weddings (NG9 7EL) a £200 minimum spend is required, or a delivery cost will be calculated . This may not be applicable out of season. Delivery charges may also apply for weddings held over 30 miles from Decoris Weddings. Please contact us for more information.


SECURING A BOOKING / PAYMENT: A £50 non-refundable deposit will be required to secure a booking. The balance is payable 4 weeks before the event date. If a booking is cancelled more than 4 weeks in advance then no more is payable but the deposit will not be refunded, if a booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of the booking then the full remaining balance is payable – These monies can be used against a future booking within 12 months if the event is only postponed. Bookings within 4 weeks must be paid in full at time of booking. DECORIS WEDDINGS WILL NOT ATTEND, SUPPLY OR PROVIDE ANY GOODS OR SERVICES IF THE FULL BALANCE HAS NOT BEEN PAID IN FULL – PAYMENT ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT IS NOT ACCEPTED.


ORDER CHANGES/CANCELATION OR REDUCTION OF HIRE GOODS: Reductions in the quantities of hire goods within 4 weeks of the event date will not be refunded. Additions to hire goods quantities are subject to availability at the time of request only and not guaranteed.


DAY OF SET UP: On the day of setup, we will require all linen on the tables ready for us to dress the tables. If you are using the same function room for both your ceremony and reception, you will need to arrange with the venue setup of the table items after the ceremony. We are unable to wait until the ceremony is finished to dress the tables unless pre-arranged with us. It is your responsibility to check that all Items have been provided and to notify us immediately if any discrepancies. We are unable to un-stack or arrange chairs at your venue. This is something you will need to arrange with the venue prior to our arrival. If there is an issue and we do need to put chairs out, there is an additional charge of 30p per chair which shall be invoiced to the Hirer.


LIABILITY: The Hirer is solely responsible for the Hired Goods not the reception/event venue/hotel/florist or any other third party to whom the Hirer has entrusted the Hire Goods. The Hirer alone shall be responsible for ensuring the Hired Goods are kept in good order from the time of set up until collection by of the Hiree. Therefore if the Hired Goods are set up at the venue before the Hirers arrival and after the Hirer has left there must be an agreement of a good provision of care and storage made and organized direct with the hotel or third party by the Hirer. The Hirer does so at their own risk. If the Hirer intends to leave directly after the event finishes eg. Honeymoon, the Hirer must organize provision for all hired goods prior to the event, nominating a third party to act on their behalf, the contact names, addresses and telephone numbers should be made known the Hiree so that the goods can be located after the event. The Hirer will still be fully responsible for the hired goods even when dealt with by a third party.


LED SUBMARINE LIGHTS: Hire items which contain LED submarine lights come with remote controls to control the mood lighting throughout your event. The Hirer is solely responsible for these remote controls and they must be stored with the hire item ready for collection. Lost or damaged remote controls will be charged to the Hirer at full retail value.


ROYAL MAIL POST BOX: is supplied with a working key to ensure the safety of your cards and gifts throughout your event. The Hirer is solely responsible for this key and it must be stored with the post box ready for collection. Lost keys will render the item unusable and will result in a £20 charge for a replacement key being charged to the Hirer.


LATEX BALLON HIRE/RELEASE: The hire price of latex balloons includes garland and weighted bag. It is the Hirers responsibility to ensure that these items are not taken from your venue. The balloon itself and string attaching it may be removed and taken from the venue. If the entire balloon with all its decoration is removed from the venue then the full price for a release balloon shall be charged.  Release balloons are released at the Hirers own risk. Decoris Weddings take no responsibility for where release balloons may land and any consequence of this.


NON-RETURNS/DAMAGED GOODS: The Hirer will pay for any damaged goods or breakages to the Hiree at full retail value. Hired goods will be checked upon collection and an invoice will be issued the same day for any missing items or damages of hired goods found at that time. Damaged or lost items will be invoiced at retail price.


SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit is required to be paid by the Hirer 1 week before the event. Security deposits are payable when the order total amount is over £300 and shall be returned within 1 week following the event. The security deposit amounts are;

•£300-£500 of hire items £100 security deposit

•£500-£700 of hire items £200 security deposit

•£700-1000 of hire items £300 security deposit

•£1000+ of hire items £400 security deposit


INJURY: The Hiree shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property howsoever sustained arising from any Hired Goods from Decoris Weddings.


DISCREPENCIES: Any discrepancies with an order must be notified within 7 days after the event. Any discrepancies that are not notified during this period will be exempt from any credit/refund.


ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS: Adverse weather conditions: We cannot accept responsibility for any of our items that are used outside should they be damaged, soiled or affected by weather conditions after we have left. In the event of adverse conditions, it is Decoris Wedding’s sole discretion on all outside decor if to provide the hired items due to potential damage and safety. Therefore, no refunds are given for any items not used under such incidences or should be affected by weather.


CANCELLATION DUE TO ADVERSE WEATHER CONDITIONS: In adverse weather conditions such as Snow & Ice, it is Decoris Weddings decision not to deliver/setup hired goods to the venue if it jeopardises the safety of our staff. Decoris Weddings will endeavour to get the hired goods to the venue and exhaust every option that is available before cancellation of the booking. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make sure the hired goods are insured for such incidences.


Declaration that you the Hirer have read and accepted these terms and conditions of hire is taken by the payment of the deposit for the booking.